Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access (SASE)
Secure access service edge (SASE) for branch offices, retail locations and mobile users.
Your organization’s cloud transformation is changing the way that your users access applications and the way that you deliver security protection. You need to enable secure access, protect users and applications, and control data – from anywhere. Multiple point products have been the standard approach, but they add cost and complexity, and leave gaps in your security posture. Now there’s a better way – the secure access service edge (SASE). Palo Alto Networks is paving the way with Prisma Access.
Palo Alto Networks Prisma
Global expansion, mobile workforces, and cloud computing are changing the ways organizations implement and deploy applications. Get the protection you need, where you need it, with Prisma™ Access. Prisma Access delivers a secure access service edge (SASE) that provides globally distributed networking and security to all your users and applications. Whether at branch offices or on the go, your users connect to Prisma Access to safely access cloud and data center applications as well as the internet.

Prisma Access is designed to prevent successful cyberattacks, and that’s why it does more than just secure the web. To stop cyber attacks, it’s necessary to inspect all traffic. Anything short of full inspection of all traffic introduces a significant gap in security.

Prisma Access consistently protects all traffic, on all ports and from all applications, enabling your organization to:

1.Prevent successful cyberattacks with proven security philosophies and threat intelligence for deep visibility and precise control that extends across your organization.
2.Fully inspect all application traffic bidirectionally—including SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic—on all ports, whether communicating with the internet, with the cloud, or between branches.
3.Benefit from comprehensive threat intelligence powered by automated threat data from Palo Alto Networks and hundreds of third-party feeds.

Prisma Access delivers the networking and security that organizations need in a purpose-built cloud-delivered infrastructure.
Designed in the cloud

Prisma Access uses a common cloud-based infrastructure that delivers protection from over 100+ locations around the world in 76 countries. Customers manage their own security policies with their own dedicated cloud instances, which provides isolation of traffic for privacy.
Provides multiple security services

Use the security capabilities that you need, including advanced threat prevention, web filtering, sandboxing, DNS security, credential theft prevention, DLP and next-generation firewall policies based on user-to-application and host information profile.
Provides consistent networking and security
Unlike conventional software-defined perimeter or proxy solutions, Prisma Access provides networking for all applications and consistent security that makes sure the same policies are enforced at all times.
Security as a Service Layer
Firewall as a Service

Prisma Access provides firewall as a service (FWaaS) that protects branch offices from threats while also providing the security services expected from a next-generation firewall. The full spectrum of FWaaS includes threat prevention, URL filtering, sandboxing, and more.

DNS Security

Prisma Access delivers our DNS Security service, which provides a combination of predictive analytics, machine learning, and automation to combat threats in DNS traffic. Organizations can block known malicious domains, predict new malicious domains, and stop DNS tunneling.

Threat Prevention

Using Prisma Access for threat prevention combines the proven technologies in the Palo Alto Networks platform, together with global sources of threat intelligence and automation, to stop previously known or unknown attacks.

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