Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR
Break the silos of traditional detection and response
It’s time to reset security operations. Legacy point products generate endless alerts with too little context, resulting in painfully slow investigations and missed attacks. Transforming how security teams operate requires a new approach fueled by comprehensive data and deep analytics. The Cortex XDR platform delivers a unified experience for prevention, detection, investigation and response – reimagining how you find and stop attacks while dramatically simplifying operations.
Break Down Silos to Simplify Your Investigations
Security teams often lack the visibility and automation required to stop attacks. Siloed tools like endpoint detection and response (EDR) and network traffic analysis (NTA) collect large amounts of data, but they also force analysts to pivot from console to console to verify threats, increasing complexity and slowing down investigations. Faced with a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, teams must simplify their operations, or they will struggle to investigate and stop attacks.

Protect Against Known and Unknown Threats with Traps
Great security starts with ironclad prevention. Traps™ for endpoint protection and response, included with Cortex XDR, uses multiple methods of prevention to safeguard endpoints from malware, ransomware, and exploits. Together, Traps and Cortex XDR deliver consistent prevention, detection, and response across all your digital assets. Native integration with cloud-based threat intelligence ensures prevention is coordinated across your network, endpoint, and cloud security products.

Automatically uncover stealthy attacks: Continuously detect threats with machine learning, behavioral analytics, and custom detection rules.

Stop alert fatigue and attrition: Validate security alerts in seconds, improving analyst productivity and morale by reducing the backlog.

Reduce mean time to identify (MTTI): Combine precise attack detection with rapid alert triage to drastically cut dwell time.

Reduce mean time to contain (MTTC): Investigate and accurately respond to external attacks and insider threats, without years of experience.

Increase ROI from current investments with Cortex: Solve all your security needs through an ecosystem of trusted apps, while using existing infrastructure as sensors and enforcement points.

Automate detection with AI

Cortex XDR uncovers every step of an attack by applying machine learning to rich network, endpoint and cloud data. Working when you are not, Cortex XDR outsmarts attackers by detecting behavioral anomalies indicative of attacks. You can take advantage of over 100 predefined rules or build custom ones to identify threats to high-value assets.

Cut investigation time 8x

By consolidating alerts into incidents, Cortex XDR reduces the alerts to review by 50x, on average. Each incident provides a complete picture of an attack, with integrated threat intelligence and actionable details. Automated root cause analysis reveals the source and the sequence of events for any alert with a single click, simplifying triage and analysis.
Quickly eliminate threats

Your security team can instantly contain any threat from the Cortex XDR console. You can easily apply knowledge gained from each investigation to protect against future threats. By simplifying operations and continually reducing your attack surface, you can gain more value from your existing security investments.
Cortex XDR Features
Automated alert investigation
 Custom behavior-based detection
 Root cause analysis
 Supervised and unsupervised machine learning
 Incident response
 Malware and fileless attack detection
 Incident containment and recovery
 Targeted attack detection
 Post-incident impact analysis
 Insider threat detection
 Threat hunting
 Risky user behavior analysis
 IoC and threat intelligence searches
 Malware, ransomware, and exploit prevention with Traps
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