Configuring a firewall can be an intimidating project, but breaking down the work into simpler tasks can make the work much more manageable. The following guidance will help you understand the major steps involved in firewall configuration. There are many suitable firewall models that can be used to protect your network. You can consult a HIPAA security expert or PCI security expert to learn more about your options. The following steps are critical, regardless of the firewall model you choose. This guide assumes that you are using a business grade firewall that supports multiple internal networks (or zones) and performs stateful packet inspection.
We adhere to the latest best practices in the network security so your business can continue without any disruptions from any network security threats .Allowing the users to continue being productive by sorting out the legitimate traffic against undesired network traffic is the key to a successful firewall configuration.
Hybrid networks
Thorough analysis of your network considering any and all subnets with cloud infrastructure is needed for an effective network security. A hybrid network is any computer network that uses more than one type of connecting technology or topology. For example, a home network that uses both Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables to connect computers is a hybrid.
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